"Podcasting can be used in powerful ways to motivate students to develop their traditional as well as digital literacy skills. It can be done safely, is relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to learn with any Internet-connected computer and a basic microphone." ~ Wes Fryer - Moving at the Speed of Creativity

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is basically the democratization of radio. And the good news is you don't need an iPod to podcast nor do you need a lot of technical expertise. If you have access to the Internet and a microphone (or a voice recorder or even a cell phone), you're ready to bring podcasting into your curriculum. You'll also need some space on a server, such as a blog and two FREE programs:
  1. Audacity(http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/), an easy-to-use audio editing program
  2. a lame encoder, which allows you to save your Audacity file as an mp3 file. The first time you attempt to export an audio clip from Audacity as an mp3, you will be asked to locate the file lame_enc.dll. So when you download Audacity, be sure to include the Lame library download.

That's it! You're ready to start podcasting.

For an overview of podcasting, checkout Lee Lefever's Common Craft video:

Podcast Resources

Podcasting Samples

  • Storycorps - Use podcasting to tell the many hidden histories of California, such as teacher Teresa Cheung's interview with her father, a native of historic Locke, CA
  • YouthRadio - Jim Faires' 6th graders time travel to WW II. To learn about their experiences in becoming podcasters, check out the Student Reflection below:
  • YA! Cast - Great selection of audio snippets of from YA novels from Robert Rozema's pre-service teachers
  • How about Florida's Orange County Library's use of podcasts.

Student Reflection

Audacity Tutorials

Audio Resources

Taking Podcasts Mobile

  • Olympus Voice Recorder - Very good sound quality; very portable. Here's a video tutorial for the Olympus DM-520 model.
  • Switch- MP3 converter to use with Olympus W110 Voice Recorder. Be sure to download the free version.
  • GCast Tutorial - Podcasting via your cell phone...amazing, no?! Update - RIP GCast:-(
  • iPadio - Now that I've stopped grieving for the loss of GCast, I'm ready to move on the iPadio, a great cell phone podcasting tool!

Transforming a Podcast to a Vodcast