"Imagine giving students the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. While 'ubiquity' is not a learning function per se, it is an overarching and desirable quality of tools that support project learning. From handheld devices to Web-based applications, look for the tools that help student be more mobile and learn wherever they are, whenever they want, and more frequently, with whomever they want." Suzie Boss & Jane Krauss ~ Reinventing Project-Based

"Rewriting is the essence of writing." ~ William Zinsser, On Writing Well

Why use a Google Doc? Google Docs are a great tool for synchronous collaboration on a single document. With up to 10 editors adding to and changing any part of the document at anytime, from any place, putting together a presentation, for example, can be interactive - and exportable to most word processing and spreadsheet file types.

For an overview of Google Docs, start by viewing this video:

Setting Up a Google Account Tutorial

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