"Start with the art of storytelling. Add the use of technology and storytelling goes digital! There are many forms of digital storytelling that may combine any of the following elements: text, image, sound, voice and moving images, in a coherent story. It is the interplay of these elements, each of which plays a unique role, that gives this medium its power. " ~ David Brear


Movie Maker 2


Flip Cameras

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Camera Tips

Super Fast Filmmaking

  • Animoto - This free program even adds music. Great for creating instant movies with stills.
  • Bookr - Just learned about this tool via a video tutorial from Annamarie:

  • PowerPoint Presentations - Export or save slides (you can select one, some, or all) as jpgs. Import images into MM2 or iMovie. For a sample, checkout Alice Mercer's movie on blogging in the classroom:

Camera Tips

  • Rule of Thirds