"The fundamental goals of media literacy education—to cultivate critical thinking about media and its role in culture and society and to strengthen creative communication skills—are compromised by unnecessary copyright restrictions and lack of understanding about copyright law." ~ Renee Hobbs

As educators, we need to model respect for copyright laws, but we also need the freedom to provide our students with the most engaging, relevant information and resources available. This freedom, aka fair use, is still a bit of a fuzzy area, but thanks to the efforts of organizations such as the Center for Social Media, we now have a set of user-friendly guidelines to help us navigate the gray areas of fair use in our classroom practice.


Creative Commons Resources:

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Music Resources:

  • Moby Gratis- If you're a Moby fan, you'll appreciate having permission to use some of his discarded tunes.
  • Jamendo- A vast collection of truly royalty free music.
  • Kevin McCloud - I found this resource via Mathew Needleman's blog. In Mathew's words: "This guy has great movie music that’s easily searchable by mood and style. I don’t know how he makes a living cuz he’s giving good stuff away for free."

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