"It’s not enough to know how to grow a blog, to pick a topic and keep contributing to one’s blog. Our students must also be aware of the class communities in which they learn. They have to have opportunities to think and respond to other writers. They need opportunities to engage in and sustain conversations about their own work and the work of their peers. Blogging is not about choosing a topic and writing responses for the rest of the term. It is about meaningful, thoughtful engagement with ideas." ~ Konrad Glogowski

Blogs, Blogging, and Bloggers

- What's it all about? Blogs provide a powerful tool for teaching and for professional development. Blogs are usually the voice of one person, but visitors can leave comments, taking a conversation out to a 24/7, worldwide audience.

For an overview of blogging, checkout Lee Lefever's Common Craft video:

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For a window into why elementary students should be allowed to blog, checkout Rachel Boyd's video Why Let Our Students Blog?:

For a window into why K-12 students should be allowed to blog, checkout Berry Bachenheimer's 42:

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