"For educators, the potential changes in the ways our teachers teach and students learn are momentous. The tools of the new Internet give us opportunities for collaborations and for constructivist learning, and allow students to become meaningful contributors to the vast body of knowledge that is the Internet." Will Richardson - Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts

Welcome to my Web 2.0 toolkit. This is a space where I store and share resources for my workshops. Because I'm using a wiki format, I can invite others in to contribute to the bank of resources.

If you are new to wikis and would would like an introduction, checkout this excellent video from Common Craft.

Most of the pages included in this wiki link to wonderful work, such as the above video, done by others. Resources that I have developed may be downloaded and copied without asking permission, as long as they are used for educational purposes.

A common thread I have found in successful collaborative writing communities and projects (e.g., blogs, wikis, Google Docs, VoiceThread) is that they all require shared goals, a focus, and mutual respect and trust.

If you have resources and/or insights to share, please use the Notify tab to contact me :-)